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Back in 1979 as a teenager, I started helping my dad deliver mattresses and furniture on the back of a truck. My dad had been successful in the furniture business for quite some time and in 1981 he put me on the sales floor alongside him and my older brothers. In 1985, I decided to open my own bedroom furniture and waterbed strore.


Over the years, I became unhappy with the quality and price points offered by my suppliers; which motivated me to make my own kids furniture line.  Along with starting my own family and becoming a father in 1994, I understood the importance from a parent perspective. I hired my own company over seas in 1998 and built the furniture with quality, price and safety in mind.


The journey was not easy, but over time I am proud to have grown to a 100,000 sq ft warehouse with all of my products in stock for immediate delivery. I have been selling out of my retail store in Chicago for over 20 years, and have expanded this through selling other licensed rooms4kids stores and specialty furniture dealers.


My goal has always been to have my products both "kid and parent approved," while offering fun, quality kids furniture for the best price. Now being a father of five, I have even more insight of what kids are like. I am proud of our growth and the rooms4kids team that supports me. Don't be surprised if you stop in a store and see me, I'm still giving 110% and love what I do!


Brad Moriarty

r4k-stacked-office (1).png
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